Bushfires had been raging in the south of Sydney for two days when I noticed that the clouds hovering over Sydney Harbour were long and wispy. Bushfires can be devastating in Australia. But I also knew that they produce some of the most brilliant colours in a sunset. I bundled my kids into the car and raced across town — in peak traffic — to one of my favourite stops for photographs: Bradleys Head. Here, I set up. And it was as though the photography wanted to be taken. The settings all fell into place beneath my quick fingers. I selected an exposure time that I thought would be suitable. And the spectacular colour etched itself into my frame. Thankfully, there was no loss of life in these bushfires. But I still call this image ‘Beauty from the Beast’. It’s a reminder to me that even as it takes your breath away, beauty isn’t always pleasant, or even nice.